Council Tax Rebate Help

For those residents who do not pay Council Tax by Direct Debit, please let us know if you need any help in filling out the forms to get the £150 rebate.

If you need assistance completing and submitting forms you can attend civic offices reception to use the council computers and staff are on hand to help.

You should have been contacted by the council, and Residents will be directed to go to the Council website to fill in their details and a unique reference number provided to them. This page will be available from the popular links tab on the front page of the website, and linked below;

It is important to note that text messages will come from 'Sutton Council' not a specific mobile number. Emails will be sent from either [email protected] or [email protected] Letters will be on Council headed paper. Residents can also ring the Council (0208 7705000) to verify that the email / text / letter is from LBS before proceeding.

You can also email us if you need any help or advice on [email protected]

April and May Ward Walks

(By Luke Taylor)

Before the election we committed to doing a monthly ward walk on every road in the ward so that we were able to pick up all those little nuisance issues that affect residents, that might otherwise not be noticed, or reported, and get them fixed. 

Well we only went and won. 

So you might have been wondering what happened to our April and May ward walks. Well the answer is that during our campaigning in April and again in May, we did infact hit every single road in the ward, our canvassing records for the three Councillors show a pretty impressive coverage. 

April coverage shown below.


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St James Avenue Tidy up

It might be a small win, but it was a nice thing to achieve in the first few days of being elected as Councillors.

During the election campaign we had noticed that there was an area of litter, leaves and overgrown bushes at the end of St James Avenue that despite reporting a couple of times on the council website, had not been cleared.


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Sutton West and East Cheam Councillors

Thank you for electing us to serve you in Sutton West and East Cheam as your local Councillors on Sutton Council.

SWEC Councillors

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Council Candidates


Qasim Esak, Christopher Woolmer and Luke Taylor will be our candidates in Sutton West and East Cheam in the 2022 Election, and they are supported by current Cllr Kevin Burke. The Liberal Democrat Focus Team have a proven record of fighting for local people in Sutton West.


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March Ward Walk

(By Luke Taylor)

Yesterday afternoon I did my (aiming for) monthly ward ride around Sutton West and East Cheam ward in Sutton, riding (almost) every road in the ward with Ted before my gear cable snapped on Collingwood Road and left me stuck in first gear!


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February Ward Walk

(By Luke Taylor)

One of our pledges to residents of the ward in this election is that if we are elected as ward councillors for Sutton West and East Cheam, we will do a monthly ward walk, along every road in the ward, so that we can spot issues that might be affecting ward residents, and do something about them. 

It might sound simple, but often the only way to spot small local nuisance issues that might otherwise be missed, or not reported, is to get out there and really walk the walk.   

On the morning of Sunday 20th February I did a ward walk, actually a ride on my bike, around the entirety of Sutton West and East Cheam ward in Sutton, riding every road in the ward, and stopping off at the brilliant Sound Lounge on the high street for brunch with my two sons.

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