Evidence uncovered of early Hackbridge residents - 40 centuries ago

Archeologists have found evidence that there may have been a farming community in Hackbridge during the Bronze Age - about 4,000 years ago.

The archaeologists have uncovered field boundaries and wooden post holes on the site of a proposed primary school and beside the award-winning BedZED eco-village on London Road, Hackbridge.  The ditches would have been dug to separate fields from each other and the postholes would have been fence lines, used to tether animals or part of the wooden walls of a house.


Archaeologist Andy Tynan from AOC Archaeology excavates the Bronze Age site next door to the BedZED eco-village at London Road, Hackbridge.

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Recognition for Sutton as a major centre for social enterprises

The London Borough of Sutton - with strong support from its Liberal Democrat-led council - is emerging as one of the country’s growth areas for social enterprises.  These are businesses whose main purpose is to maximise the amount of social good they create balanced against their financial goals. 

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Sutton Council hands over theatres to Sutton Theatres Trust

Sutton Theatres Trust has taken over the running of two theatres from Liberal Democrat-led Sutton Council in a move that will keep the theatres open for the community and save the council tax payer £482,000 a year.

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Sutton reaffirms its green credentials

Liberal Democrat Sutton Council - the first local authority in the country to introduce its ground-breaking environmental statement in the 1980s - has taken the latest step to endorse its green credentials.  The council has agreed an updated strategy to deliver its One Planet Sutton ambitions and has reaffirmed its commitment to being a greener borough in partnership with organisations across the borough.

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Learning about the dangers of large vehicles for cyclists and pedestrians

More than 100 adults and schoolchildren learnt at first hand about the dangers of cycling or walking too close to large vehicles during a Sutton Police road safety initiative in Sutton High Street recently.

A large police vehicle - a nine-tonne arctic tractor - was taken into the High Street to demonstrate just how much the driver's vision is restricted when cyclists ride up beside the vehicle or pedestrians try to cross the road in front of it.

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Sutton’s annual summer festival returns for another year

Sutton’s summer-long community festival is back for another year with an even greater range of family events. 

Up until late September, the warmer months will be packed with entertainment including fairs and community events, activities at the borough's nine libraries and the Ecology Centre, new stand-up comedy at the Charles Cryer Theatre, and much more.

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Local Lib Dems lobby Network Rail to make Carshalton Station open to all

Liberal Democrat elected representatives, MP Tom Brake and Councillors Jill Whitehead and Nali Patel have met Network Rail, to discuss plans to improve access to Carshalton Station.

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Green garden waste collection service changes at end of June

Sutton residents are reminded that their green garden waste collection service is changing in the next few weeks.

The council’s free green garden waste collection service comes to an end this fortnight, with last scheduled collections on Saturday 27 June.

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Carers Week in Sutton seeks to make the invisible visible

The high value Sutton places on its unpaid carers has been highlighted during this year’s National Carers’ Week.

The week, from 7-14 June, has had the theme of Building Carer-friendly Communities – communities that support carers to look after their loved ones well, while recognising they are individuals with needs of their own.

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Comfortable by-election win for Lib Dems


The Liberal Democrat candidate, Steve Cook, had a comfortable win in the Wallington South by-election on Thursday, 11 June, easily retaining the seat on Sutton Council for his party.

The by-election was caused by the sad death in March of Cllr Colin Hall, Deputy Leader of the council.

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