Introducing Be Well Hubs to Sutton

14 Sep 2023

As Sutton Council’s Mental Health Champion, Cllr Bobby Dean hosted a lunch to introduce community groups to a new wellbeing and mental health initiative called Be Well Hubs.

The event, hosted in partnership with South London Listens at The Greyhound Pub, explained to guests the vision of everyone being just a ten minute walk from places to get mental health support. 

Be Well Hubs are safe spaces for local people to turn to when they feel their mental health is low or simply to feel more connected with their local community. They are already established in many other boroughs and now work is underway to see if there is interest in the Sutton Community to replicate the model.

Cllr Bobby Dean hosted the launch

Sutton’s Mental Health Champion Councillor Bobby Dean said:

“It was really great to see so many of our community’s leaders show up to this event and take an interest in improving mental health support in our borough.

“What excites me about the Be Well Hubs concept is it is driven by local people. They can adapt the model to make it work for their own organisation and networks, rather than the sort of top-down approaches that tend not to work.

“It’s early days at the moment but people have already shown great enthusiasm, so I’m excited to see how it develops in the coming months.”