Bobby Dean for Carshalton and Wallington

Bobby Dean is the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Carshalton & Wallington.

Bobby lives in Carshalton and is determined to follow in the footsteps of previous Liberal Democrat MP, Tom Brake, by being a real local champion for the community.

He has dedicated his life to campaigning, including running his own business to help charities raise awareness on issues like global poverty, health and education.

His Dad a scaffolder and Mum a cleaner, Bobby was raised in a council house and was the first in his family to make it to University. 

Now Bobby is fighting to be the strong, independent voice Carshalton and Wallington needs - standing up against the Westminster establishment and this out of touch Conservative Government.

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Bobby’s top campaign priorities are:

  • Fight to protect our NHS from further Tory cuts, including the loss of maternity and A&E services at St. Helier hospital
  • Stand up for small local businesses and the self-employed, so they can bounce back and recover from the pandemic
  • Champion more support and investment in local schools, so no child is left behind because of the pandemic and Sutton remains a great place to raise a family
  • Be a strong voice for tackling climate change and champion the Lib Dem Green Recovery Plan
  • Keep Sutton one of the safest boroughs to live in London, by working to restore community policing 
  • Campaign for improved public transport links and work with the community to make cycling and walking routes safer and more accessible

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