Worcester Park LTN Update

Since the beginning of the trial in Worcester Park we have been working hard to collate resident feedback and engage with residents in the area. In October 2020 we spent 4 hours discussing the scheme with residents, mostly from Ruskin Drive. We also discussed the scheme at the recent Environment & Neighborhood Committee meeting, the North Cheam and Worcester Park local committee meeting, met with the Hamptons Management Committee and with over 20 residents representing different roads in the area.

In November 2020, we carried out traffic counts at around 30 locations within and on the fringes of the low-traffic area. The boundaries of the existing low-traffic area are Browning Avenue, Lindsay road and Green Lane. We consider the Hamptons to be a low-traffic area already. 

We are pleased that overall the scheme has shown a 30% decrease in traffic compared to our baseline data of February 2019 and September 2020. This is a drop from 36,886 cars to 25,749. Browning Avenue has seen a dramatic decrease in traffic (95% East of Lindsay road and 71% South of St Philip’s Avenue). Lincoln road has seen a decrease in traffic of 86%, Ebbisham road a 61% decrease and Longfellow road a 35% decrease (North of Central road). 

Every road that was monitored has experienced a decrease in traffic except Ruskin Drive. This is also reflected in the feedback we have received from Ruskin Drive residents. In light of this we have worked on potential interventions that could alleviate traffic on Ruskin Drive, maintain the reduction in traffic inside the existing low-traffic area and minimise the impact on car journeys. The approach would aim to create another low-traffic area between Ruskin Drive, Ebbisham road and Farm Way. The additional proposals are: 

  • Ruskin Drive ‘No Access’ from Cheam common road (ANPR camera)

  • Colbourne Way ‘No Access’ from Cheam common road (ANPR camera)

If the decision is agreed on 28th January at the Environment & Sustainable Transport committee we would consult those that live inside this new low-traffic area about ‘resident access’ (between Ruskin Drive, Ebbisham road and Farm Way). This means that they would be able to use the closures as they do now. The aim of these interventions is to minimise traffic from Cheam Common road travelling to this area but allow residents living in the Dorchester road area to maintain easy access to the High Street. Access to the Dorchester road area from Cheam Common road, for those without ‘resident access’, would be via Farm Way. Emergency services would be able to use any of the ANPR closures. We think that these interventions would also benefit those living in the Dorchester road area as cut-through traffic in one direction is likely to be significantly reduced. We would also continue to monitor traffic on Central road and Cheam Common road.

If introduced, these measures would be trialed for 6 months with a public consultation and further traffic counts before a decision is made.

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