Schools Must Remain Open This Winter

Lib Dems have called on Boris Johnson to guarantee schools will remain open this winter, after his Winter Plan failed to rule school closures out. 

Pupils in Sutton have missed vital months of education during the pandemic. 

The government's disastrous handling of education over the past 18 months, which has seen last-minute school closures and exams chaos, has left young people with huge gaps in their learning.

With over 30% of Sutton's children a week missing school due to Covid before the Summer Holidays, catch-up education is vital. Yet Boris Johnson has refused to properly fund it, pushing his own education advisor to quit in protest. 

Now he has refused to rule out future school closures in the winter plan.  

Protecting the younger generations should be the government's top priority. They simply cannot afford to miss more school.

The Lib Dems are calling for increased funding for schools, improved ventilation, and air purifiers to be installed in every classroom. 

Lib Dem Carshalton and Wallington Parliamentary Spokesperson, Bobby Dean, said: 'After 18 months of chaos, making schools Covid-secure must be Boris Johnson's top priority. Sutton's schoolchildren and their parents deserve better than the prospect of more missed learning. They should not face another winter of schools chaos this year.

'If the government won't rule out school closures this winter, they must stop Covid from spreading in classrooms. Installing air purifiers in every classroom should be the bare minimum.' 

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