What are the parking proposals for St Helier?

By Councillors Jean Crossby, Martin Gonzalez and Annie Moral

Local Councillors and Tom Brake MP have been committed to resolving the parking problems on St Helier for the last 5 years. 


We called upon St Helier Hospital to reduce car parking charges to stop staff and visitors parking on nearby residential streets. Unfortunately, to no avail. At that time, we held several meetings with the St Helier, The Wrythe, and Wandle Valley Local Committee consulting with residents regarding a CPZ for St Helier.

Five years on, Councillors Annie Moral, Martin Gonzales and Jean Crossby are consulting with residents on parking issues as part of the Sutton Council Parking Consultation.

In the first stage of the consultation, residents strongly indicated that they have problems with parking in their area, and that they need a solution. We then proposed a Controlled Parking Zone, but many residents had concerns about the scheme – especially about yellow lines over dropped kerbs leading to a loss of overall space.

We’ve listened to your concerns, and are now consulting on a PPA (Parking Permit Area) in Stage 3 of the consultation. In a PPA the parking area is marked by signs rather than lines and bays, meaning that residents can still park on their own dropped kerbs, and there is no loss of space. We think this scheme works better for our area.

Only residents with a permit may park on the road during the hours of operation. We’ve suggested that these hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday, but are keen to hear your views.

Permit costs are from £40 a year (77p a week), depending on the car: among the lowest in London. Whether or not you buy a parking permit you get 50 hours a year (i.e. one hour a week) of free visitor parking vouchers. Extra vouchers cost £61 for 100 (i.e. 61p each). These vouchers are only needed during the PPA’s hours of operation. Parking will still be free as normal on evenings and weekends. There are also permits available for carers and care providers.

The money from these permits pays for implementation and enforcement of the scheme. Enforcement is crucial for protecting resident parking.

We have been advised by parking experts that, if we only implemented a scheme on the roads directly around the hospital, it would have a knock-on affect on the neighbouring roads, as non-residents would park there instead. For that reason, we have also included roads slightly further away from the hospital in the proposed PPA.

This scheme will protect resident parking, and address the problems which residents have raised with us for so long. We welcome your feedback about this PPA scheme.

There will be a residents engagement day on the 18th of June 9am to 6pm, at the Circle Library. Council officers and Councillors will be attending, giving residents the opportunity to raise questions and promote further discussion.

You can also email, call or text. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cllr Martin Gonzalez - [email protected], 078150 66060
Cllr Annie Moral - [email protected], 073801 42642
Cllr Jean Crossby[email protected], 079841 68957

Read more on the Council website here.


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