Wandle Valley

WV CandidatesCllr Vincent Galligan, Cllr Hannah Zuchowska and Cllr Ben Andrew have a proven record of fighting for local people. Find out more about the team and what their priorities are for Wandle Valley.

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Vincent, a lifelong Londoner, has been a passionate campaigner for the Lib Dems in Sutton for 12 years. Since being elected a Councillor in 2014, Vincent has worked hard to represent residents and ensure the borough remains a great place to live. He wants to make sure the residents of Wandle Valley and Hackbridge get the services they deserve.

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Hanna works as a Communications Manager at a London University and has been a local Councillor since 2014. She chairs the Local Committee as she knows the local area well and supports its diverse communities. She wants to develop the traditional, distinctive community nature of our area.

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020 8255 8155

Ben lives in Carshalton and works for a charity which addresses poverty and inequality in London. He is motivated by helping vulnerable people in his community. He has worked closely with Tom Brake MP on a number of campaigns, fighting to protect St Helier Hospital and hold Southern Rail to account.


  1. Campaign for improvements to Hackbridge Train Station.
  2. Tackle speeding and parking problems across our area.
  3. Protect our green spaces, like Poulter Park and Watercress Park, and keep our area tidy.
  4. Fight to protect St Helier Hospital and secure the funding it needs.
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