Shock at Conservative plan to slash education funding in Sutton

Local MP, Paul Burstow, has published research by the House of Commons Library that shows schools, early years, childcare and colleges will bear the brunt of Conservative cuts if they win a majority in the General Election next May.

The figures reveal that Conservative spending plans means that the education budget would be cut by £39.9 million by 2020 if they were in Government on their own. The House of Commons Library figures are based on George Osborne’s plans for further drastic spending cuts.

Local MP Paul Burstow said:  “We have excellent schools in Sutton, which would be hard hit by cuts if there was a Conservative majority government.

“While we have to balance the books, we need to make sure we do it in as fair a way as possible. The only way the Conservative plan to run a budget surplus by 2020, giving away £7 billion in an unfunded tax cuts and not raise taxes is by deep cuts in our schools.”

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