Tom Brake walks in the footsteps of refugees

It was far from a normal day for Tom Brake MP as he visited refugees in the Calais “Jungle,” on Monday, distributing food, water and speaking to refugees and migrants.

The Calais Jungle is now home to 4,000 people coming predominantly from the Middle East and North Africa, and the number is growing. Refugees and migrants stay in the Jungle for up to two years, planning to enter the UK illegally through the Port of Calais or the Eurotunnel by lorry, ferry, car or train.

Migrants remain undeterred and make repeated attempts to break through fences, in spite of many deaths and serious injuries.


Tom Brake said:

“It was truly a shocking experience to see how the refugees and migrants of Calais live. I talked to a range of people each of a different background, each with a different story. They included a fine art student from Syria, refugees from Iraq, a child from Pakistan, and others who have lost everything due to ISIS, civil war, or fleeing poverty in their homelands. They appreciated the food and water the Lib Dems provided. I’m certainly glad we were able to help.”

Tom added:

“My visit to Calais confirmed that a crisis as difficult as this can only be resolved by working with other EU countries to secure our borders and collectively find solutions to our refugee and migrant crisis.” 


Following the visit, Tom will be contacting the Calais Authorities to press them to provide at least the most basic of services, including sanitation, water and basic shelter.


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