Tom Brake leads biggest cross-party campaigning in UK history

Members, supporters and volunteers from different political parties joined together in Sutton at the weekend to press the case for Britain remaining in the European Union. 

Led by Tom Brake, Lib Dem MP for Carshalton and Wallington, supporters of the IN campaign in Sutton Borough spoke to residents about the referendum to be held on Thursday 23 June. 

Over 1,000 separate cross-party groups around the country took to the streets to inform citizens about the benefits of staying in the EU.  Lib Dems played a significant role in the weekend activities with 200 stalls, including teams in Sutton, Carshalton, Wallington and Rosehill. It was the largest day of cross-party campaigning in UK history.  

Tom Brake said:  “It was important for people to hear our positive message about why we are stronger in Europe, as well as the risks associated with Brexit.

“It is very clear the experts overwhelmingly agree that we are stronger, safer and better off in the EU.  In contrast, Vote Leave’s campaign are misleading the public with dodgy statistics, and have yet to explain how many jobs Brexit would put at risk, the impact on our security, what type of trade deal they want with the EU and how long it would take to negotiate.”  

With less than five weeks remaining before the vote, polls are indicating a close race. Information about the EU referendum, can be found on :

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