Sutton's Tory MPs Vote Against Sleaze Probe

As pressure mounts on Boris Johnson following sleaze allegations, Sutton's Conservative MPs have been criticised for voting against a full parliamentary inquiry into lobbying.

The vote followed weeks of allegations of cronyism and sleaze involving former Prime Minister David Cameron and banker Lex Greensill, who was brought into the government as an adviser by Cameron when he was PM.

Cameron was then hired by Greensill to act as a lobbyist, texting Chancellor Rishi Sunak and contacting other ministers about a government-backed Covid loan scheme on behalf of the company.

The Government has set up an inquiry into the matter, which has been criticised as being too narrow in scope and lacking cross-party involvement, which is why Liberal Democrat MPs voted in favour of setting up a full parliamentary inquiry.

Recent weeks have seen numerous significant allegations of sleaze against Boris Johnson. In addition to the Greensill affair, Johnson faces sleaze allegations regarding:

Lib Dem spokesperson for Sutton & Cheam, Cllr Hina Bokhari, said: 

"There are now serious questions that the Tories must answer about the nature of these allegations. We need full transparency on exactly what the Chancellor did and what David Cameron's involvement was in all of this. But most of all we need local MPs here in Sutton who will do the right thing, stand up to be counted and make their voices are heard. Instead we have two Tory MPs who either don't bother to vote by sitting on their hands or in some cases not turning up at all. When they do vote, it is almost always to save the government's blushes regardless of the views of their constituents. Sutton deserves better, and I am pleased that Lib Dem MPs did the right thing in voting for a full parliamentary inquiry.”

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