“WHERE WERE THEY?” - Sutton Tory MPs skip crucial votes on Council tax, cladding & Universal Credit

Conservative MPs Paul Scully and Elliot Colburn have been slammed for missing THREE crucial votes in the House of Commons on the cut to Universal Credit, the government's Council Tax increase and the cladding scandal.

The parliamentary votes, held on Jan 18th, Jan 25th and 1st Feb, called for the £20 uplift in Universal Credit, due to end in April, to be made permanent, for the government to drop its plan to increase council tax, and for ministers to fully cover the costs of leaseholders and home-owners affected by the cladding scandal.

Neither Paul Scully or Elliot Colburn turned up to any of these votes in the House of Commons, which were won by 278 to 0, 210 to 0 and 263 to 0 respectively.

Liberal Democrat MPs voted in favour of measures to tackle all of these issues.

Hina Bokhari, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Sutton & Cheam, said: 

“I was in Worcester Park every day of the week of the fire in the Hamptons. I saw the effect that the fire had on residents and the mental scars they live with now. They feel ignored by their government as Richmond House residents have written to the Housing minister, Robert Jenrick, with no response. He was also missing at the debate in Parliament. The debate was an opportunity to hear from their Sutton MPs to show they care. Paul Scully has not represented his constituents in this matter, he has only followed government lines and supported inadequate government policy. If he can’t speak for his residents he should not be representing them. Sutton MPs are skipping crucial votes in Parliament on issues that affect thousands of local people. Sutton residents deserve proper representation and this behaviour falls way short of what they deserve.”


Cllr Jayne McCoy, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader of Sutton Council, added: 

“The cladding scandal is a huge drain on the finances and mental health of residents here in Sutton. The £20 increase in Universal Credit was and remains a vital lifeline to local people who are struggling to deal with their reduced incomes as a result of a pandemic which is not their fault. And Tory ministers should drop their plan to force council tax rises upon local people and instead fund local government properly. For our two Tory MPs to skip these important votes sends the message to local residents that they just don't care."

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