Sutton Liberal Democrat Council Group support a People’s Vote on Brexit

Following the recent publication of Theresa May’s Brexit Plan, Sutton’s Liberal Democrat Councillors are officially calling for a People’s Vote on Brexit.


Sutton Lib Dems, who run Sutton Council, join Richmond, Kingston, Merton, Lambeth and Hammersmith & Fulham in supporting a People’s Vote which would give the public a say on the final deal.

Councillor Ruth Dombey, Leader of Sutton Council, said:

"I am really concerned about the damaging effect that Brexit will have on local residents and businesses and the Council’s ability to deliver valued public services.

"Everyone can see that the Government is making a mess of Brexit. Theresa May is yet to secure a parliamentary majority for her deal but even if she does, this deal will not deliver on the promises made by the Leave campaign and her deal is clearly far worse than our current membership of the EU.

"Under her plan, we’ll need to pay billions of pounds, accept EU rules and won’t be at the table when the rules are made. We won’t be able to reform them. That is not ‘taking back control’.

"Rather than wasting time, money and effort on delivering a Brexit deal which no one, whether they voted remain or leave, signed up for, I want our country to focus on the challenges which really affect communities, like the current social care crisis, schools under-funding and falling police numbers.

"That’s why Sutton’s Liberal Democrat Council Group believes that the only democratic way to settle the current political deadlock is to give the people a final say on the Brexit deal, with the choice to remain in the EU."

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