Resounding NO from over 2,000 residents to plans to scrap London's PCSOs

A petition organised by Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake to save Sutton’s neighbourhood Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) has now been presented to City Hall.  

Last Saturday people queued up to sign Tom’s petition which attracted more than 2,000 signatures.  

Tom said:  “Although the government announcement that police spending will now rise in line with inflation is welcome, this doesn’t mean the battle to save PCSOs is over.”

Senior Met officers confirmed in a recent meeting with Liberal Democrats that the Met is facing extra cost pressures of up to £400 million over the next four years. This means that even with a standstill budget, £400 million has to be saved from the budget.

Tom continued: “These cost pressures will have to be dealt with somehow and the Met has been investigating options, one of which involves scrapping PCSOs.  Another involves stopping all police overtime and a third involves making a number of senior officers redundant. 

“The PCSOs are the often familiar faces in our communities, seen patrolling our streets and talking to residents. If the Met persists with scrapping the PCSOs, then the simple truth is that our neighbourhoods will be less safe”.

A decision to scrap PCSOs would mean the loss of 20 personnel in Sutton Borough.

The petition of 2,004 signatures was presented by Tom Brake and the Lib Dem's Mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon.

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