Renovation of The Lodge in Carshalton set to begin

We are delighted to report that the lease for The Lodge - situated next to the Ecology Centre by Carshalton Ponds — has been signed by the Council and local residents’ charity Ecolocal.


Residents overwhelmingly supported keeping Carshalton’s old buildings in local community hands. They are important parts of the Carshalton Village Conservation Area.

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, The Lodge has most definitely NOT been sold. It has been leased to Ecolocal, and remains part of the Council’s, and the community’s, assets.

Work on renovation and conservation will take about a year. We look forward to seeing all the benefits this will bring. Support for Ecolocal taking on the lease has been strong.

Ecolocal will create an ecological centre of excellence while protecting our local heritage. This is a considerable achievement for Sutton as a Green Borough, its present and future residents - and a great heritage success!

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