Tom Brake and local Councillors petition to restore Jubilee Gardens

Wallington South ward Councillors, Steve Cook, Jayne McCoy and Muhammad Sadiq and Tom Brake MP are campaigning together to press the Jubilee Health Centre GP Practices in Shotfield, Wallington to carry out their obligation to landscape the Jubilee Gardens in Wallington. Steve, Jayne, Muhammad and Tom have collected over 136 signatures from local residents who support their campaign.

It has been four years since the new Jubilee Health Centre was built. However, instead of promptly restoring and recreating Jubilee Gardens, only now has some of the work started.

Local Councillor, Steve Cook said:

“We call on the Jubilee Health Centre to make good on their promise and landscape Jubilee Gardens.”

Tom Brake MP added:

“It is unacceptable that only now is work starting on the Jubilee Gardens. The site was left in a terrible state for far too long. We ask residents to join the campaign if they want a public space we can all use.’’

The petition and more information can be found here.



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