Lib Dems criticise Paul Scully over Brunei trip despite LGBT stoning laws

Sutton & Cheam’s Tory MP Paul Scully, the UK’s trade envoy to Brunei, has been criticised for putting business ahead of human rights as Brunei announced death by stoning as a punishment for gay sex and adultery.


Mr Scully visited the country, located in south-east Asia, for four days in November to explore business links. Despite the country’s poor record on LGBT rights, Mr Scully said he would “look forward to working closely with our Bruneian partners to explore new trade opportunities”.

During his visit, Mr Scully also met the Sultan of Brunei and a number of senior ministers from the Brunei government. The official UK government press release makes no mention of human rights abuses being raised by Mr Scully in his various meetings.

31,000 people have now signed a petition urging Mr Scully to condemn the country’s horrific new anti-LGBT laws, which were being fully implemented from Wednesday, 3rd April.

Sutton councillors have criticised Mr Scully for failing to stand up for the LGBT community.

Commenting, Sutton Council’s lead on equalities, Lib Dem councillor Jake Short, said:

“LGBT residents will be appalled to see Sutton & Cheam’s Tory MP putting business ahead of human rights. Paul Scully needs to condemn the Sultan of Brunei and these barbaric new laws.”

Worcester Park’s Liberal Democrat councillor, Drew Heffernan, added:

 “31,000 people should not have to sign a petition urging Tory MP Paul Scully to condemn Brunei’s anti-LGBT laws. As a Lib Dem councillor in Mr Scully’s constituency, I urge him to assure LGBT residents that he will not stand idly by as UK trade envoy while the LGBT community in Brunei is persecuted.”

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