Over HALF A MILLION invested across Sutton: 24 different projects receive go-ahead

Every year, Lib Dem Sutton Council asks residents what they would like us to invest in through our annual Neighbourhood Fund.

Residents can then propose projects for funding, this provides a great opportunity for the people of Sutton to let us know what they would like to see in their local area. At the end of the year, a number of projects are chosen and receive support.

We are proud to announce that the Neighbourhood Fund 2020 is now being distributed to 24 different projects across the borough, totalling over £565,000 of investment in our local community!

The projects focus on a wide range of topics, from those which will make Sutton cleaner and safer, to others which draw attention to Sutton’s heritage and the refurbishment of key community centres.

Submitting a project for consideration for the Neighbourhood fund is a fantastic way to make a difference in your community, to put forward a project for funding under the Neighbourhood Fund 2021, please fill in the form here.


Below is a full list of the projects which received funding through the Neighbourhood Fund 2020:

Sutton Library - Installation of energy efficient LED lighting at Sutton Central Library

Boroughwide - Purchase and installation of 25 big belly bins and 100 bin sensors.

Carshalton - Providing smart waste management in 3 apartment buildings (Denmark Gardens, Mill Green and Culvers Retreat)

Sutton - Library of Things is a collection of objects loaned to residents for a small charge. Objects often include kitchen appliances, tools, gardening equipment and seeds, electronics, toys and games, art, science kits, craft supplies, musical instruments, and recreational equipment.

Ridge Road Allotments - To provide a community hut and notice boards for the members of the Ridge Road Allotments to allow for group meetings and a resting place for members.

Rose Hill Park West - Refurbishing fences and toilets

Manor Park - Placing lids on park bins

Times Square Car Park - Provide a wildlife corridor along the Lenham Road side of the multi storey car park

Rose Hill - Cleaning the milestone on the Rose Hill road, paving the area around it with cobbled blocks, sanding and painting the railings around it and installing a lectern giving a brief history including graphics.

Cheam Paddock Allotments - Installing replacement railings

Cheam Croquet and Bowls Club - Installing blue steel fencing and repainting existing fencing

Cheam Recreational Grounds - Installing blue steel fencing and repainting existing fencing

Victor Seymour High School - Rain garden with geocellular storage

Watercress Park - Refurbishing boundary fences along River Wandle adjacent to Watercress Park

Wandle Valley School - Rain Garden and associated drainage works

Poulter Park - Replacing wooden fencing

Carshalton High School for Girls - Installing sustainable drainage system

Grove Park - Refurbishing large park gates

Carshalton War Memorial - Refurbishing fences

Carshalton Park - Improvements to fences, cycle racks, playground equipment and fences

Oaks Park - Repairing car park surface and replacing paths

Hillcrest Community Hall - Refurbishment of toilets

Holy Trinity School - Rain garden (excluding geocellular crates) and associated drainage works

Beddington Village Hall - Repair village hall roof

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