Loss of PCSOs would severely damage neighbourhood policing

Tom Brake, Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington, has warned that any move by the Metropolitan Police to scrap the capital’s Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) could spell an end to meaningful neighbourhood policing in the community.  

Tom revealed that plans were being considered at the moment to get rid of all 1,000 PCSOs working in neighbourhoods across London.

He said:  “This threat has been caused by huge cuts from the Conservative government and the Mayor of London.  Unlike the Tories, the Liberal democrats value our neighbourhood policing teams and are committed to fighting to protect them.

“They’ve played a major role in cutting crime, and the feat of crime in the borough in recent years.” he said.

Tom is calling on the Met Police and the Mayor to scrap their plans, not the Neighbourhood Police, and has launched a petition against the threat.  

To support Tom’s petition go to this site:  www.tombrake.co.uk/pcsos

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