Local MP Fights for Improved Compensation for Failing Rail Services

Carshalton and Wallington MP, Tom Brake, has tabled a motion in Parliament urging the Government to force Southern and Thameslink Rail to pay compensation for short service delays to put pressure on them to improve rail services. Tom fiercely criticised the rail companies for continuing to cause severe delays and regular cancellations, disrupting the daily journeys of many of his constituents.

In his motion, EDM 991, Tom is calling on the Government to tighten standards for rail companies, including reducing the minimum threshold for payments for delays from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.  He has also proposed a 50 per cent compensation of the single fare for a 15 to 29 minute delay, and a 100 per cent compensation for delays of 30 minutes or more. He urged the Government to implement the proposed penalty on the train companies immediately.

Tom Brake said: “The level of delays and cancellations on Southern and Thameslink Rail is unacceptable. These companies must be held accountable for the stress and daily headaches they cause commuters. The Government must put this amendment into effect immediately, so the train companies have an even stronger incentive to improve their services and to compensate passengers properly for the disruptions they experience.”

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