Happy Pride Month from Sutton Liberal Democrats

The Sutton Liberal Democrats wish every member of the LGBTQ Community a happy Pride Month! In the midst of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it may be hard to find ways to celebrate together but that does not make the month any less important.

We would also like to express our thanks and support for the ongoing work of the Sutton LGBTQ Forum, who have been working hard to give LGBTQ Sutton a voice. They are a voluntary organisation, who rely much like our party, on the support of volunteers. If you are able to help them in any way, follow the links on their website to get in touch with them.

Pride Month is normally a month of celebration, with the LGBTQ community coming together to celebrate hard-won advances and continue the fight for true equality for all. This month, however, has been very different. While we cannot celebrate in person, and that is a disappointment, our Conservative Government and US President Trump have used this month to launch an attack on our community.

The recent speculation around changes to the Gender Recognition Act and the Conservative Government ignoring a clear expression of support for trans rights in this country is nothing short of despicable. To begin the process of these changes in Pride Month no less, is simply disgusting and deserves condemnation.

 Cllr Jake Short, an LGBTQ+ Sutton Councillor and Lead Councillor for Equalities added:

“It must also be said that packaging these changes with welcome reforms to conversion therapy in some institutions is nothing more than an attempt to divide the LGBTQ Community. I would call our borough's Conservative MPs to join the Sutton Liberal Democrats in publicly condemning these changes and standing with the community against their government's attack on equality. I would also urge people to consider donating to the charity Mermaids who provide urgent advice and support for the trans community.”

This month has also been a month of reflection around the major problems our society has with racism. We need to be clear- black lives matter and systemic racism is an evil that we do face in this country that must be confronted, challenged and defeated.

Locally, the Sutton Liberal Democrat-run Council is committed to working with the BME community to listen, reflect and change things for the better. But to do that, those in power need to hear the voices of the BME community. That is why we are committing to conversations with the community about how things need to change.

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