Fond memories of Sutton

Memories of living in Sutton are shared in a video just released by Sutton Council to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the borough’s creation in 1965.  

The six-minute film shows interviews with five long-time borough residents.

“I do love living in Sutton.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”, says Jean Betts who moved to Carshalton in 1937.

John Turrell, who grew up in Brookfield Avenue, Sutton, and later moved to Beddington, speaks of a carefree childhood. “In those days, I was free range,” he said colourfully.

Ingrid Fontenelle, who moved to Carshalton in 1977, remembers being amazed by the area’s beauty.  “I fell in love with the gardens and the flowers and the lawns,” she says.

Claire Shearer, a Carshalton Beeches resident since 1952, says she immediately adored the area.” The people were so lovely. It still is very true – you would smile at somebody and they would smile back.”

Marc Tomlinson, a resident of St Helier since 1999, couldn’t agree more. He said the area had definitely changed in the past 16 years.  “I think it comes down from the top - I think it comes down from the council, it comes down the MPs, it comes down from having a very strong voluntary sector,” he said.

Watch the full video, which was created by the council to preserve memories of the borough for generations to come, at Sutton Council’s YouTube page.

Meanwhile, also to help celebrate the borough’s birthday, local school children took part in a competition to design Sutton’s Golden Jubilee logo. The winners were announced by the Mayor of Sutton, Cllr Muhammad Sadiq on Monday, 20 July.


The 50 Years ceremony 

Pupils at Barrow Hedges Primary School in Carshalton were treated to an assembly where the mayor presented some special prizes.

Max Barnard from Barrow Hedges school was named as the overall winner.

Max’s design will be displayed in Civic Offices, alongside the ‘highly commended’ picture by Emily White, also from Barrow Hedges school. 


The winning logo

The winning design, featuring lavenders reflecting the lavender fields in Carshalton, has also been made into a small commemorative badge which was presented to the pupils at their leavers’ ceremony.


The highly-commended design

Cllr Ruth Dombey, Liberal Democrat Leader of Sutton Council, said:  “I am delighted that such different people in our community have come together to help us to celebrate 50 years of our wonderful borough.

“From the enthusiasm of our local school children to the many fond memories of our long-time residents, it just shows how much there is to love about our borough.”

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