February Ward Walk

(By Luke Taylor)

One of our pledges to residents of the ward in this election is that if we are elected as ward councillors for Sutton West and East Cheam, we will do a monthly ward walk, along every road in the ward, so that we can spot issues that might be affecting ward residents, and do something about them. 

It might sound simple, but often the only way to spot small local nuisance issues that might otherwise be missed, or not reported, is to get out there and really walk the walk.   

On the morning of Sunday 20th February I did a ward walk, actually a ride on my bike, around the entirety of Sutton West and East Cheam ward in Sutton, riding every road in the ward, and stopping off at the brilliant Sound Lounge on the high street for brunch with my two sons.

It might not quite be an optimised solution to the travelling salesman problem yet, but almost 30kms later we'd done it!


I had my GoPro filming so I could scan back through, spotting litter, leaves, fly tipping, road defects, and then report them on the Sutton Council website, like this collection of litter and leaves at the end of St James Av (LBS-CLEAN402536823).


There was some minor leaf buildup in two places on Grove Road (LBS-CLEAN402537667 and LBS-CLEAN402538179), shopping trolley on Landseer Road (LBS-FLYTIP402538613) and a broken bollard on Frederick Close (CAS-3000871-P1M5M3).


As we have all pledged to do, this will be a monthly task I will do to help make Sutton West and East Cheam a better place to live, plus it'll keep me and the boys out of trouble on a Sunday morning. Lots of smiles and waves from residents this morning, say hi if you see us out and about!


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