Eviction ban extended after calls from Sutton Council’s housing lead

Tory ministers have been forced to extend the ban on landlords being able to evict tenants during the coronavirus pandemic.

As reported in the Sutton Guardian (8th July), Sutton Council’s housing chair, Councillor Jayne McCoy, warned that the borough had already seen a 107% increase in households at risk of rough sleeping.

On Friday, ministers extended the evictions ban by four weeks until 20th September, although Councillor McCoy has said this is just “kicking the can down the road”.

Tory ministers had planned to allow evictions to resume from 24th August, a decision Councillor McCoy had blasted as “incomprehensible while people are losing their jobs”.

Housing charity Shelter also warned that an additional 230,000 people are now in rent arrears who were not in arrears before lockdown began in March.


Commenting, Liberal Democrat councillor Jayne McCoy said:

"No one should face losing their homes while this deadly virus still hasn't been properly brought under control.

"Extending the eviction ban by just a mere month is nothing more than kicking the can down the road. It is a dereliction of duty and will bring little relief to families and children facing the threat of eviction.

"Tory ministers must get real on renters’ rights and extend the ban until there is a proper long-term solution for people who’ve lost their income and are unable to pay rent." 

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