E-Scooter safety in North Cheam

Liberal Democrats call for improved safety measures for residents and pupils

Local residents have expressed concern over frequent sightings of people riding e-scooters straight over Brocks Drive and St Margaret's Avenue, in North Cheam, from one footpath to another on the other side, without stopping or even slowing down to look for any oncoming vehicles. 

Residents have contacted as they fear a serious accident could occur, especially as some motorists are driving in excess of the 20mph limit on the Cheam Park Farm estate. One solution would be for the Council to install overlapping railings at each end of these paths like the ones at the Kingston Avenue end of the same pathway. These would also improve safety for all the school children that walk through there.

If we get sufficient support we can propose this to the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee.

Please sign our petition below to show your support, if we reach 50 signatures it must be heard by the committee according to the Council's rules.

I, the undersigned, call upon Cheam North and Worcester Park Committee to use public realm funding to implement measures to improve safety on the walkway from Henley Avenue to St Margaret's Avenue.

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