Delivering on our promises

Plans to build more Council homes, create more local jobs, tackle domestic violence and increase mental health support were voted through at the September Full Council meeting.

Sutton Lib Dem Manifesto moves into action

Our ambitious four-year Corporate Plan, which includes all of our manifesto promises, was passed by the Liberal Democrat group as well as the main opposition group. We are optimistic for Sutton and confident that our plan is deliverable. This confidence rests on the fact that the Lib Dem-run council was able to deliver every single pledge in our 2014 manifesto, whilst keeping the council on a sound financial footing.

Conservative proposals late, uncosted and unworkable

The Conservatives submitted an amendment setting out a number of uncosted and unworkable last minute proposals. Some of their proposals were brand new, and notably bits of their own manifesto had been dropped.

Council Leader Ruth Dombey advised that whilst some of their plans may be worth exploring, it would be irresponsible to agree to them without costing them. One of their proposals - two hours free parking in council car parks – would cost more than £1 million per year which would need to be diverted from vital services. Cllr Dombey also expressed disappointment that the Conservative proposals had been submitted at last minute whereas an earlier approach would have provided the opportunity for some to be included if found workable.

With a strong track record, the Lib-Dem run council is now looking forward to delivering these ambitions plans to ensure that Sutton continues as a great place to live, work and raise a family.

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