Council backs police action against motorbikes on Roundshaw Downs

Sutton councillors have praised Metropolitan Police for responding to their calls for tough action against illegal motorbike-riding on the Roundshaw Downs.

Riding motorbikes on public parks is against the law, as per Section 34 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. But a number of riders have continued to flout the law, causing danger to walkers and runners on the Roundshaw Downs, and causing a severe noise nuisance to residents living on the Roundshaw and Apeldoorn estates and in nearby Purley.

On 29th April, Roundshaw’s Lib Dem councillor Mo Saqib held a joint meeting of Croydon Council, Sutton Council, and the Metropolitan Police, which led to police increasing patrols on the Downs. With ministers forcing the Met Police to cut £959 million of funding in recent years, Sutton Council loaned the police a CCTV vehicle.

After six weeks of additional patrols, police have:

  • Seized eight vehicles. In addition, 10 ‘Section 59’ notices were issued, warning a rider that their motorbike will be seized if it is caught again.
  • Four individuals were given a Community Protection Notice Warning for supporting the illegal motorbike riding. Five individuals were fined.
  • Two Traffic Offence Reports were issued, for driving a vehicle without insurance.
  • Four individuals were arrested- including one for possessing an offensive weapon (a Rambo-style knife), for which the suspect has been charged.

Commenting, Councillor Mo Saqib said:

“I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to our local Met Police for their patrols on the Roundshaw Downs over recent weeks. Motorbikes racing around the Downs are a menace to local residents out for a walk or a run. They also cause an unacceptable noise nuisance to residents living nearby. With the Met Police having £959 million of funding cut by Conservative ministers in recent years, I am pleased that Lib Dem-run Sutton Council loaned the police a CCTV vehicle to help deliver this tough action.”

Leader of Sutton Council, Ruth Dombey, added:

“I want to thank the police for all their impressive work despite their limited resources. No one living near the Roundshaw Downs should have to put up with this illegal motorbike riding. Residents should call 101 if they hear or see motorbikes riding on public parks - the tough police action in recent weeks sends a strong message to anyone thinking of flouting the law in this way.”

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