Brake Pays Homage To Carers

Tom Brake MP recently paid homage to carers across Sutton as part of carers week. These unsung heros in our community are finally getting the recognition they deserve, with a week dedicated to the invaluable service that they give.

An estimated 20,000 people in Sutton juggle their jobs and responsibilities, while also giving care to their loved ones. Carers Week seeks to highlight the challenges that carers face, as well as being a way for the community showing their gratitude for the work that they do. The focus of this year’s campaign has been to build ‘Carer Friendly Communities’. This is focused on businesses better understanding the needs of carers, and hopefully in the future, carers will feel more integrated in their communities.

The Liberal Democrats have had a strong record regarding carers, investing £400m into a respite fund during the last Coalition government. The Lib Dems would also have given carers a £250 bonus each year had they been in Government.

MP Tom Brake, thanking the carers in his constituency said:

‘Carers in the borough of Sutton make up almost 10% of the population, yet often their needs are overlooked as they put the needs of others before themselves. Carers need us to rally behind them and show how much we value all the work that they do. That is why I am encouraging as many businesses as possible to commit to building more carer-friendly communities and to also get involved with the various events going on this week’

If you want to help make your community more carer-friendly, sign up at or head over to Sutton Carers Centre to see how you can get involved.

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