Boost in Sutton’s Lib Dem membership since the May elections

The disappointing result for the Liberal Democrats at the May elections has had an unexpected consequence - a substantial boost for the party’s membership.  

Nationally, since 8 May, the number has leapt by 27% to more than 61,000 while Sutton - traditionally a Liberal Democrat stronghold - has seen a one-third increase in its membership.  

The Chair of Sutton Lib Dems, John Drage, said: “Many fair-minded people felt the May results were unfairly savage on the Lib Dems, especially as we had played such an important role in the coalition government, tempering many of the excesses the Tories would have imposed had they had a clear majority.  

“They recognised the key part we played in helping to return the economy to a stable footing after Labour’s years of overspending.  This view was supported by many independent political commentators who paid tribute to the important role our MPs played in government.

“There was also recognition that we had unfairly lost many excellent Members of Parliament including our own Paul Burstow.”  

John Drage said the results had obviously promoted a spontaneous reaction among many people who wanted to demonstrate their support for the Lib Dem fightback.  They had done so by joining the party and offering to get involved.  

John continued:  “If anyone has been thinking about supporting us by joining, we are still receiving new applications for membership, and further details can be found on this website under the ‘Get involved’ heading."

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