Amna Ahmad – ‘Stop playing party politics and fix our trains’

Amna Ahmad, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Sutton & Cheam, has slammed the Conservative Party for being "complicit in the daily misery Southern Railways mete out to local people".


Last week a leaked letter revealed that Chris Grayling, Conservative Secretary of State for Transport decided in 2013 to “keep suburban rail services out of the clutches of any future Labour Mayor”.  

The same week Grayling and the Conservative Cabinet binned a cross-party plan which would have helped Southern commuters by handing the franchise to Transport for London.  

The Liberal Democrats have been calling for Southern to be sacked and handed in a petition to Downing Street signed by thousands of Sutton residents demanding that the failing company be shown the door. 

I desperately hope the unions are able to go back to the negotiating table and bring some solace to commuters. But we all know that the problem with Southern trains is bigger than the latest strikes. 

“Local residents are sick and tired of the awful service they get from Southern.  

"What's clear from Chris Grayling’s letter is that this government is happy to see commuters suffer as long as their party interests aren't affected. 

"And while one Conservative MP, in neighbouring Bromley, has spoken out against Grayling, all we have from Sutton and Cheam's MP is an embarrassing silence about the need for Southern services to be handed to TFL. 

"That's no use to his constituents who face daily anxiety about being late to work and losing their jobs or getting home in time to read a bedtime story to their kids. 

"It is in the Government's gift to fix our trains by handing control to Transport for London. They should stop politicking and get on with the job."

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