About Sutton’s Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats in Sutton have a long and unrivalled record of service to their community through the popular borough council as well as previous Members of Parliament Paul Burstow, Tom Brake and Graham Tope and their many hundreds of dedicated volunteer activists.


Sutton Council has been led continuously by the Liberal Democrats since 1986. At the 2022 local council elections, Sutton residents gave a clear mandate for the Lib Dems to continue leading Sutton Council, returning 29 Liberal Democrat Councillors to serve residents, and stand up for them against cruel Conservative Government cuts.


The party’s great strength lies in the support of the many hundreds of volunteers who help us stay in touch of the borough’s residents.  From talking to residents, to clerical work and delivering leaflets, they are the key to the Lib Dems’ continuing success.  We are always looking for people to join our growing team. Click here to Volunteer.


Since 2015, tens of thousands of supporters have signed up as new members to the national Liberal Democrat party. Being a member of the party, locally and nationally, is important because our members decide policy, the direction of our Party, choose our representatives, and are a vital part of the team. Click here to Join.


Focus is one of the main ways we keep in touch with our residents. It has been delivered almost monthly in Sutton for more than 40 years.  If you would like to deliver Focus to a few dozen houses in your area, click here.

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