A positive voice for Sutton


Sutton residents who are tired of reading negative stories about Sutton in the local media now have a positive alternative, a website and magazine - both called Sutton Voice.

The brainchild of a local journalist, Roger Mills, Sutton Voice has a simple aim – to give a voice to the real community of the borough.

Roger explained:  “Whether it is the community joined by their street, their park or their shopping centre, we want to make sure everyone knows the positives of the area.  It could be the community of the youth group, the club, the society whatever the interest – we know there are so many good things going on in the borough and we want to share that news.

“But sharing information isn’t enough.  Through our site we also want to help everyone to understand how our community operates and give as much information to assist as many people as possible engage - not only with each other, but with the values and essence of the borough.”

Roger continued:  “In time we want to give a voice through written, spoken and visual media.   We have a core belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a “stake” in their borough and by doing so strengthen the desire to engage and therefore protect and enhance every aspect of the Sutton life.”

Sutton Voice will be community-based in its approach and any profits will be invested in Sutton Voice but also with benefits to the Sutton community.

Roger added:  “It is important to try and reflect the extensive and active community starting from its local authority down to individuals, all of whom work consistently and passionately to ensure their borough remains a great place to live.”

Below is the link to the first issue of Sutton Voice Magazine.


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