The tragic death of George Floyd has shaken not just America but Britain too.

On Friday night an impassioned plea from rapper Killer Mike understood the anger that took over in the streets of Atlanta but pleaded for everyone to “plot, plan, strategise, organise and mobilise' for political change. Read More.

For many people who are black, this situation has become unbearable and exhausting. For those who wish to show solidarity, many may wish to demonstrate or march which is admirable and necessary. However, in these “unprecedented times” this may not be best option now if we are to keep socially distant, so for those who wish to be allies, click here to learn what you can and use this online resource to help. You can also See more ideas in this article.

But this is not enough and we must all do more to speak out against all racism because doing nothing will not create change.

Hina Bokhari, Spokesperson for Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park said: “Racism cannot be ignored any longer. There are many races that have suffered just because of the colour of their skin.”

Cllr Jake Short said: “Lib Dem-run Sutton Council works hard with Stop Hate UK to reinforce the message that racism or any other form of hate crime is not acceptable. Throughout the borough, signage has been put up directing people to Stop Hate UK’s 24/7 advice and support line. Support from this line can be found by calling 0800 138 1625. We must all stand together against race-based hate.”

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