What are the parking proposals for St Helier?

By Councillors Jean Crossby, Martin Gonzalez and Annie Moral

Local Councillors and Tom Brake MP have been committed to resolving the parking problems on St Helier for the last 5 years. 


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Sutton South & Belmont: Parking proposals update

By Councillors Richard Clifton and Trish Fivey


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Carshalton Central parking: Where we are now

By Councillors Jake Short, Jill Whitehead and Chris Williams

Jake, Jill and Chris have spent the past year talking to residents about the parking situation on their road.


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Councillors comment on Sutton Central parking proposals

By Councillors David Bartolucci, Rich Clare and Ali Mirhashem

Over the past five years, we have spoken to many residents who have frequently informed us of parking difficulties relating to commuters, in their respective areas. 


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What do you think about the parking proposals for The Wrythe?

By Councillors Nali Patel, Colin Stears & Sam Weatherlake

Sutton Council have been asking residents for their views on parking, as part of a borough-wide consultation. In the first stage of the consultation, held over a year ago, many residents in The Wrythe indicated that there was a parking problem in their area, and that they were open to the idea of introducing parking controls.


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Tackling parking problems in Hackbridge

By Councillors Ben Andrew, Vincent Galligan & Hanna Zuchowska

Hackbridge residents have told us about increased parking problems for many years. There will be roughly 1,000 more properties in Hackbridge once the current developments are
complete, with national policy restricting the additional parking that can be provided alongside them. With so much development on-going, and a Zone 4 train station in the area, it is important that we act now to protect resident parking.


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Sutton North: Council releases parking consultation results and updated proposals

By Councillors Ruth Dombey, Marlene Heron & Steve Penneck

During the last few weeks, we have been calling on residents affected by the Council’s parking proposals to make sure we fully understand your views. The results of the Council’s consultation have now been published on their website here, together with proposals for the next stage.


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Sutton Votes Lib Dem to Stop Brexit

The Liberal Democrats have topped the poll in Sutton and across London, securing three MEPs in the London region, in a clear sign that people are backing Liberal Democrat calls for an exit from Brexit and a final say on the government’s deal. 

The election saw the Conservatives fall to 4th place in the borough and remain parties surge.

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Parking update: What's the difference between a CPZ and a PPA?

Sutton Council are consulting about how to solve parking problems in the borough.


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Sutton Tories refuse to back THEIR OWN ministers on better protection for private tenants

In extraordinary scenes at the last full Council, Tory councillors refused to support their own government policy that seeks to end unfair evictions.

After significant pressure from campaign groups including Shelter and Generation Rent, ministers recently announced plans to end ‘no fault’ evictions from privately rented homes.

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